Seafood HACCP
May 20-22

May 20-22, 2020 (2.5 Days)

Seafood HACCP

SHA/AFDO training course Developing and Implementing HACCP Plans for Fish and Seafood. Certificate of Training included.

Registration, before May 20-22, 2020                  $495

Do you have a HACCP Plan in place? Is it working as it should?

The Basic HACCP course uses the SHA/AFDO training materials. In keeping with the FDA HACCP mandate for fish and fishery products (21 CFR Part 123), this course focuses on product processing, which can relate to production, importing into the United States and additional commerce.

The format of the course is a minimum of 16 contact hours of teaching, class exercises, and instructions/guidance.

Attendees will have experience hands on training, including the completion of a Hazard Analysis and the development of necessary HACCP Plans with instructor facilitation, so they can immediately implement learnings.

Main subjects covered:

  • Understand the purpose of the course and explain the relationship of the Alliance and AFDO
  • Review programs that need to be in place before implementation of a HACCP program
  • Learn the species and process related seafood safety hazards found in the FDA Hazards Guide
  • Introduce preliminary steps that must be completed prior to applying HACCP principles
  • Understand the steps in the Hazard Analysis process and control measures for specific types of hazards
  • Determine critical control points and how to identify the
  • Establish critical limits and identify monitoring procedures using the FDA-Hazards Guide
  • Identify corrective actions using the FDA Hazards Guide
  • Identify verification procedures using the FDA Hazards Guide
  • Establish record-keeping procedures using the FDA Hazards Guide
  • Overview of FDA seafood HACCP regulation and its format

The registration fee of $495 includes all course materials and refreshments, a Certificate of Completion with the industry-recognized International HACCP Alliance accreditation seal, and entry into the HACCP Alliance’s Participant Registry.

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